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Adding online meeting and conferencing links

How can I have buffer times between appointments?

Manual booking for a customer

Limit the number of days clients can book an appointment in advance?

Block off certain dates or times?

Employee login

Hide the select dropdown of employee on booking form.

Set Time Availabilities

Booking Form on Pagefly

Change booking form location in product page

Booking form does not show

Uninstall app

Mail Settings

App Settings

General Settings


Add Extra fields to booking form




Allow security or ticket checker to view booking calendar

Set up flexible (interleaved) time slots

Reschedule or cancel an appointment

Translate Calendar on Online Store

Show extra fields in Employee email

Add a Tipo appointment to Google calendar

Add booking form to homepage

Enable “continue selling when out of stock”

Notify customers about the appointment changes

Group appointments

Add booking form to a page & menu

Configure SMTP