Group appointments

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Allow a customer to book once for a group

Steps to manage

  1. From the app admin page > click Settings > General
  2. In General setting > Booking form part >  enable setting Allow bringing more people 
  3. Click Save

View this video for more details: 


Capacity is the maximum number of participants of each appointment. 

For example:

Service Capacity is  10. It means the maximum number of participants the admin can take in a duration is 10 people. 

When you set the capacity more than 1 in a duration, you can take multiple bookings at once. Similarly, you also can limit the number of people who can come to the appointment. 

Because the number of participants excesses the service Capacity you set. 

In case that different customers book the same duration of a service, they will be automatically grouped  in an appointment. View this example to learn more:


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