How can I have buffer times between appointments?

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What is buffer time?

In short, buffer time is an extra time added to an appointment duration that the service providers use to finish up or prepare for the next appointment.

For example: 

You run a yoga class and its service time is 1 hour but it takes 10 minutes afterwards to clean up  and 10 minutes to prepare for the next class. So you add 10 minutes in the Buffer time before and 10 minutes in the  Buffer time after for an appointment.

As a result, it takes 20 minutes to get the next time slot on your booking form. For instance: 8:00-9:00, 9:20-10:20,…


Step to manage

  1. From the app admin page > click Services > open the service you want to edit
  2. Scroll down to the Advance part >  fill in the Buffer Time Before field and Buffer Time After field
  3. Click to the dropdown next to the fields to choose the time unit: Minutes or Hours
  4.  Click Save to finish


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