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Enable collection condition

Create a new auction

Set up SMS notifications

Export/Import auctions

Change text on the auction widget

Why doesn’t my auction widget show up on front store?

Set up reminder email for coming auctions

Theme integration

Order limit in the Free plan and Basic plan

Add Auction collection to the main menu

Why I can not select winner for my auction?

How many winners can we choose in an auction?

Why should I enable customer accounts?

How “Buyout price” works

How Automatic bid works ?

How Popcorn bidding works ?

How “Reserve price” works

How the winner completes order ?

How to add “Back product auction” button in the checkout page?

Hide “Add to cart” button of auction-running products

Configure Email Templates

Set up payment time for winner

General Settings

Auto-assign winner to next one if he/she does not pay

Hide price of auction-running products

Set up SMTP email in Tipo Auction app


Hide bidder email on product page

Hide additional payment button of auction-running products

Manually choose a bidder winning the auction

Set up an auction

Uninstall app

Theme integration

Configure auction widget color

Manage auction products

Penny products

Delete a bid

Manually stop a running auction