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Add Auction collection to the main menu

Why I can not select winner for my auction?

How many winners can we choose in an auction?

Why should I enable customer accounts?

How “Buyout price” works

How Automatic bid works ?

How Popcorn bidding works ?

How “Reserve price” works

How the winner completes order ?

How to add “Back product auction” button in the checkout page?

Hide “Add to cart” button of auction-running products

Configure Email Templates

Set up payment time for winner

General Settings

Auto-assign winner to next one if he/she does not pay

Hide price of auction-running products

Set up SMTP email


Hide bidder email on product page

Hide additional payment button of auction-running products

Manually choose a bidder winning the auction

Set up an auction

Uninstall app

Theme integration

Configure auction widget color

Manage auction products

Penny products

Delete a bid

Manually stop a running auction