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We are sorry to hear that you would like to uninstall the app. We highly appreciate your feedback. It’s our honor if you let us know the reason why by spending a few minutes on sending an email to [email protected]
The app applies some changes to your theme when being installed, so we provide the “Uninstall Filter” feature in the app. You can completely remove the app from your theme by following guidance below:

Automatically uninstall

  1. From the app admin page, click Settings
  2. Click Theme > click Uninstall to remove the app from the theme integrated
  3. Remove the app from your Shopify app list


Manually uninstall

Please refer to this guide to manually uninstall the app in case that you want to completely remove the app from your store.

1. Please delete the following files:

  • Tipo.booking.js (Assets)
  • Tipo.booking.scss.liquid(Assets)
  • Tipo.booking.script.liquid(Snippets)
  • Tipo-booking-form.liquid(Sections)

2. Go to File theme.liquid (Layout) > Delete this code snippet {% include ‘tipo.booking.script’ %}

3.  Go to File customes/account.liquid(Template) > Delete this code snippet <div id=”tpb-history-booking”></div>

4. Delete <div class=”tpb-booking-form page”></div> on the pages you added if any.



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