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The integration between our app and POS with help you simplify your business by accepting payments both online and on-site.

Your customer booked a service online and then comes to pay, you find the booking and confirm payment.

Or for new incoming clients, you create a booking right from the POS interface and proceed from there.

Tipo Appointment Booking app on POS

Download the Shopify point of sale app and be able to book appointments quickly and easily using Tipo Appointment Booking.

Steps to manage

1. On the smart grid, tab Add tile. 

2. Then tap App. Form here, you’ll see the POS apps you’ve already added in your Shopify admin.





3. Tap Add on Tipo Appointment Booking app to save the app on the smart grid.

There are 2 tiles of Tipo Appointment Booking app: one for adding appointment, one for managing Shopify store.





4. Tap Done


Now the app Tipo Appointment Booking shows up on the smart grid. It’s time to add your first appointment.



Add new appointment on POS app

1. On the POS smart grid, click Tipo Appointment Booking app


2. Form here, you can add a new appointment. You can choose the service you provide on Tipo Appointment Booking app, choose the dates and time slots you want.


3. Then click Add to cart. Now that time slot is a cart item in your cart.


4. When your customer is ready to pay, just click on Checkout button and complete the payment process.

And just like that, you can book an appointment on your ipad or phone.



If you cannot figure it out, don’t hesitate to contact us via email We are happy to help!

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