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Please see this video.

See below step for more clarification.

1. First of all, Make sure that in the Settings, You have showed Countdown clock on Collection page.

2. Find theme’s collection item file (in this guide, we use Debut theme, the other theme may be difference).

    • Open your snippets/product-card-grid.liquid file.
    • In some themes, this file will have a different name. If you can’t find product-card-grid.liquid, look for one of the following:
      • snippets/product-card.liquid
      • snippets/product-card-item.liquid
      • snippets/product-grid-item.liquid
      • snippets/product-block.liquid

3. Insert snippet code

In the collection item file , insert the code {% include ‘tpa_collection’ %} above the last </div> (You can change the position of Countdown clock ), then save the change.

4. Enjoy the result

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