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Add a featured product to homepage

(Skip this step if you have added one already) 

  1. From Shopify Admin, access Online Store
  2. From the Theme you want to edit > click Customize
  3. Click Add section > find Featured product and click Add button
  4. Select the featured product you want and Save

Add  code snippet

  1. From Shopify Admin, access Online store
  2. From the Themes you want to edit > click Action > Edit code
  3. Find featured-product.liquid file and paste the code snippet below to the end of this file
  4. Save changes and check the result on your homepage

{% if product %}
<script type=”text/javascript”>
var TPAConfigs = TPAConfigs || {}
TPAConfigs.product = {{ product | json }};
{% if product.metafields.tpa.config != blank %}
TPAConfigs.product.metafields = {{ product.metafields.tpa.config }}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

If you cannot figure it out, don’t hesitate to contact us via email We are happy to help!

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