Integrate/uninstall the app to a theme

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Integrate the app to a theme

This feature allows you to select a theme to install the app. You can apply the app to an unpublished theme to test the app and avoid having any effect on your live site.

  1. From the app admin page > click Settings > Theme
  2. Select a theme to integrate with the app > Click Integrate button
  3. Go to the theme (front store) you integrate the app to check the result


  • Please make sure you check the right theme ( the theme the app is integrate into)
  • If the app is integrated to an unpublished theme, please preview the theme to check the booking form.

Uninstall the app to a theme

You are integrating the app to a theme and you want to the app to no longer show on this theme. Please follow the steps below to uninstall the app from the theme.

  1.  From the app admin page, go to Settings
  2. Click Theme
  3. Select a theme > click Uninstall button

Now the app doesn’t work on your theme.

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