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We are sorry to hear that you want to uninstall the app. We’d really appreciate if you could let us know the reason why by spending a few minutes to email us at hi@tipo.io
The app changes your theme, so we provide the “Uninstall” feature. You can completely remove the app by following the guidance below:

Automatically uninstall app

  1. From the app admin page, go to Navigation
  2. Click Settings > find Choose theme to install assets files
  3. Select the theme you integrated with the app > click Uninstall
  4. Remove the app from your Shopify app list.

Manually uninstall app

When you uninstall our app without removing the app integration from your theme first, all functions are disabled while scripts and asset files are still there. In order to remove them completely, you have to find and remove the following codes/files:

  1. From Shopify admin page, click Online Store > Themes
  2. From the theme you want to remove the app files, click Actions > Edit codes
  3. Open layout/theme.liquid file > find and remove this code snippet: {% include ‘tpa_scripts’ %}
  4. Find and remove the following files:
  • tipo.auction.css
  • tipo.auction.js
  • tipo.auction.plugin.js
  • tpa_script.liquid
  • tpa_collection.liquid

If you cannot figure it out, don’t hesitate to contact us via email hi@tipo.io. We are happy to help!

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