How to sync Tipo Calendar to Google Calendar

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Connect Tipo Calendar to your Google Calendar

  1. From the app admin page, click Settings > Integrate
  2. In Google Calendar part > click Sign in with Google
  3. Then enter your google account
  4. Click Allow Tipo Appointment Booking app

Now your Google Calendar is completely connected to Google Calendar. Your ongoing appointments from Tipo Booking will be synced to Google Calendar.


Sync existing appointments to Google Calendar

This function allows you to sync existing appointments to Google Calendar.  You will see your synced Event in your Google Calendar.

This process will take minutes to complete depending on the number of bookings.

Steps to manage

  1. From the app admin page, click Settings > Integrate > Google Calendar
  2. Click Sync calendar 
  3. Then a dialog will appear that allows you to choose which appointments you want to sync: Upcoming bookings, Past bookings, All
  4. Click Sync now > then your appointments will be synced to Google Calendar in the background



If you cannot figure it out, don’t hesitate to contact us via email We are happy to help!

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